Oh, spring…


Oh spring, we’re ready for you.

We ladies dream of wearing pretty dresses… and walking in gorgeous heels—and
what better dress to welcome the warm days than the ever-so flattering Foil Bug Dress by Yumi? Available in green, the gold bug embellished dress features a gold waist piping, and delicate sheer fabric. There’s no doubt that this piece can flatter any figure!

Complete the dazzling look with the wonderfully crafted Nicola heel by Chelsea Crew. Retro inspired, beautiful weather approved!
All you need now is to spritz a little Eau de Parfum from our favorite Royal Apothic, and you’ll be running the town!

**Can’t make it to the shop? Not to worry! We’ve got this whole look and more on our wonderfully crafted website: shopqueenofhearts.com

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Sun Hats and Sandals


We can’t wait for sunshine, sun hats and sandals and its just a short time away before we will be lusting after all of those things.  Our new Volcom Head Trip Hat is perfect to keep that sun off your face and prevent damaging any of your beautiful skin from those harsh rays.

The Chester Dress by BB Dakota is super sweet.  Featuring a triangle cutout at the back with button closures and a delicate floral design, this dress looks great with tights and a light jacket or worn alone with a pair of boots or heels.  Grab this one before we sell out, it’s sure to be a favorite!

Bring it all together with one of our newest arrivals, the Cali Sandal by one of our all time favorite line, Miz Mooz! The Cali Sandal is beautifully made and wonderfully versatile. Pair with jeans, shorts, a skirt, or your favorite dress.  Made in Italy and crafted with Italian Leather.  Pure comfort for all  of the days of Spring and Summer.

Come by and say hi or shop online at: shopqueenofhearts.com


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All New, Just for You.

blog2_!7 (1)The days are getting longer; the sun is shining brighter. And yes… believe it or not, but spring is right around the corner. Soon it will be time to box up those thick sweaters and shop for a new wardrobe. After all, you deserve new pretty things after a long treacherous winter—why? Because you are worth it!

Now let’s discuss shoes. First things first: Toss those worn boots and grab yourself a pair of these glamorous oxford ankle booties. With a 3 ¾ heel and a touch of a rosy-pink ribbon lace-up, this Poetic License gem is simply dazzling.

To add on to the already amazing look, we give you the simple yet perfect addition to your closet: the Samuela top by BB Dakota. Rock it causal by day or flaunt it glamorously by night.

So ladies… seal the look and grab the Margo sunnies, wave your hair, and make sure you’re sipping on some red wine, because you’ll be looking fresher than the modern day woman.

(Grab the whole look and more at Queen of Hearts & Modern Love.)

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We’re Having a Party!


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Royal Apothic- A Must Have!


Unique fragrances and amazing formulations that have taken consumers by storm. Sean creates each of the products with the utmost detailed attention. Not only do they smell amazing, but the formulas truly perform and care for the skin and body. Each scent has the ability to be layered and manages to capture an emotional experience or place from memories.
Royal Apothic has quickly become one of the fastest growing beauty and fragrance brands in the US. Its been our top selling bath & body line for over two years and truly is a must have! With a dedicated cult of fans, the fragrances and products have become must- haves for the sophisticate wanting quality products in beautiful packaging. Whether bought for one’s self or given as a gift, the entire line is an exercise in modern indulgence.
We are fully stocked with all of your favorites! Everything from the ever so popular and classic hand creme’s, Eau da Parfum, Bubble Creams and Creme Cremes. We also have one of our newest additions to the collection, Whiskey Balm… perfect for him or her!
Conservatories Collection? Yes we have that too! Everything from the candles in English Rose, Inspired by vintage English manors and the classic flowers that filled their gardens, Conservatories is a modern romantic scent collection.  The new Luminaries capture the classic English elegance mixed with the modern edge Royal Apothic is known for. The beautiful jewel-toned glass makes a juxtaposition statement with its floral-embossed white ceramic lid.
About the Founder

Drawing on the vivid memories of his worldly travels and his extensive back- ground in the beauty and design industries, Los Angeles- and London-based designer, Sean O’Mara, created Royal Apothic. This collection of expertly- blended Interior Perfumes and hand-poured Luminarie Candles that truly awaken memories and infuse whimsy into everyday life. From childhood days spent in the wonderment of a private Kensington garden to the elegant sophis- tication of high tea, each Royal Apothic fragrance conjures an emotional connection to the past.

O’Mara began his career in the beauty industry, soaring to great heights at companies such as Proctor and Gamble Beauty and Murad Global Skincare. With expertise in the field, O’Mara nurtured brands such as Sebastian, Wella and Trucco Makeup. While working for these industry powerhouses, O’Mara found himself constantly surrounded by the glamour of photo shoots, decadent sets and breathtaking locations. “Directing photo shoots got me thinking,” O’Mara recalls “about translating the glamour and elegance of these big-budget campaigns into everyday space.”

This line of thinking started O’Mara on a second career path. Taking his investment-savvy background and eye for design, he quickly built a reputation for infusing glamour into lackluster properties in the Los Angeles and London markets. Soon O’Mara became the go-to designer when a space was in need of a transformation, and established his properties among the fastest selling in Los Angeles and London.

In early 2006, O’Mara found himself between two very successful, yet seemingly un-related careers. A chance discovery at a Notting Hill bookshop became the link that tied together his worlds. Tucked high on a shelf in the antique stall, the centuries-old apothecary manual sparked an idea that spun into Royal Apothic.
“I wanted to create a product so beautiful, you just have to leave it out on display,” O’Mara says. “And a formula so decadent you just have to use it.” With this goal at the heart of Royal Apothic, the brand establishes itself as the first cosmetic company for the home, providing products of beauty that truly perform.

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Introducing the Ghostly Collection by Warby Parker



It was only a year ago that Warby Parker announced their collaboration with the ‘endlessly inventive’ music label, Ghostly International. From this dynamic, the “The Curtis” sunglasses were born. A special edition eyewear inspired by Joy Division’s enigmatic front man. The cool and yet mysterious specs quickly sold out in just a few short days, leaving those who anticipated ownership feeling a sense of loss.

BUT, it didn’t end there!

Warby Parker recently announced the return of The Curtis in honor of Ghostly’s 15th anniversary. This time around, they will be releasing four limited edition colors:

Aubergine Fade, Bourbon Tortoise, Moss, and the classic Revolver Black.

First and foremost, let’s all give a nod to the late Ian Curtis of Joy Division.

 The Curtis collection exemplifies true originality with no fear of judgment. It embraces modern culture—music, retro fashion, and social status. It’s no wonder why the collaboration with Ghostly turned out to be a match made in heaven.

Although all the new colors are très cool, there’s something enticing about The Curtis in Moss. Maybe its my underlying obsession over the moderate color, or perhaps it’s the alluring way the model Lewis Valleau looks while modeling the frames on the downloadable wallpaper. So chill, so trendy, the Moss frames remind me of an iconic Brooklyn musician that I’d only one day strive to be.

Smooth lines and discreet angles, The Curtis transforms your personality into a clean-cut mystery. I’d want to get my hands on a pair of these bad boys to simply feel stylin’ and feel good.


1.bourbon-tortoise     2.Aubergine Fade     3.Revolver Black     4.Moss

The best part about Warby Parker sunglasses and eyeglasses is that frames start at the $95 dollars. Incredibly true, it should almost be illegal.

Not to mention, with every pair sold a pair is distributed to someone in need.

It’s advocacy for a wonderful cause. Feel good, times two.

The Curtis has everyone talking.

Times are changing, and our surrounding cultures are constantly innovating. It’s time to go out with the old and in with the new—so box up those wayfarers and slip on today’s trend. Keep people guessing which artist you are under those killer frames.

 -Denise Alvarez, Queen of Hearts – Blog Writer

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It’s a |KLING| Thing.


All new arrivals, all new things we love.
This week’s obsession: KLING clothing & bags.

This line is pop-iconic, mix up of street and girly fashion. If you’re a lady that just wants to have fun, Kling’s unique collection is just for you.

Princess-like coats, chic dresses, heart-warming tops, flirty skirts, and even fuzzy bags! With the holiday season right around the corner, you owe it to yourself to add a vintage winter twist to your

Truth be told, we ladies at Queen of Hearts & Modern Love can’t get over how awesome this collection is.

It’s whimsical with the perfect dose of class. It definitely must just be a Kling thing.

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