Leavin’ on a Jet plane!


1.) Timeless Fitted Dress

2.) So Hip 

3.) Jules Handbag

4.) Myrna

Listen up, bombshells! We are getting some major tropical cravings now that it’s warm and green out — we are ready as anything to book our tickets and get airborne!

We’ve picked out a darling outfit that serves serious aviation vibes. Get your flyer points with:

1.) Stop Staring’s latest sensation, the Timeless Fitted Dress.

2.) A 21st century Amelia Earhart’s go-to goggles, aptly called the So Hip! These are a great riff on a traditional aviator — a little boxier and with a subtler, partially clear frame.

3.) The carry-on to carry on about: Jules Handbag ; big enough to fit a small chihuahua / large burrito / whatever you gotta take with you. We love the creamy color and it’s so easy to keep white because it’s made with vegan leather – just take a damp cloth to this one and it’ll look brand new every time you wear it. The gold hardware is the perfect compliment to the creamy, textured material, and with multiple straps it’s just so hassle-free.

4.) Shoes you won’t ever want to kick off: Remix’s vintage inspired Myrna Shoe which is flight attendant approved for both comfort and style. Handmade in Spain out of fine leather, these puppies are as lovely to stand in as they are to look at. Their shape above the toe is uniquely flat which looks tres chic – you gotta see it in person to FULLY appreciate this aspect.

It used to be that people would dress to travel, you know, in things other than uggs and sweatpants. Dress as in DRESS, as in IMPRESS, as in look totally killer and give your travels the benefit of the doubt that they deserve your finest presentation. We see no reason why such a philosophy should have been done away with! If we’re going to dress in vintage, maybe we should consider acting a little vintage, too…

In other news, happy spring, chickadees. We can’t wait to see your pretty faces come shop all of our beautiful new spring clothes! They stretch for miles like a field of wildflowers.

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Volcom Movie Premiere

One of our favorite clothing lines is Premiering a video this Friday! Check it out! 


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Follow us on Instagram and enter to WIN a $25 Gift Card


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A Walk Down Memory Lane


1) RI State Charm Necklace 2) Ice Cream Sunglasses 3) Cobie Dress 4) Zena Flat 5) Daylyn Bag

Forget Carolina girls–Rhode Island girls are the best in the world! This outfit screams everything we love about living in Rhode Island. The sunniest beaches, fertile land for growing fruits, veggies, and flowers galore, and let us not forget the world’s TASTIEST ice cream from road-side stands! Get ready for a cruise around Block Island by bike or by boat, a hike around Ell pond, a stroll down good ole Westminster St. (to see your favorite store), and watching the sunset at your favorite seaside restaurant while munching on clam cakes. While winter sure is cold, we Rhode Islanders save our energy for not just doing it up in summer, but going all out. We know what it means to soak up the warm days!!! The look we gals at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love have carefully selected for your viewing pleasure is all about why we love the state we’re in.

This delicate charm necklace perfectly emulates the spirit of our fine state: we’re the smallest in the union, but we’ve got some major personality! This cute little necklace is a great way to show off your RI pride.  Sure to catch the eye with it’s golden shine, Rhode Islanders won’t be able to get over it and those people from the bigger states may find themselves reconsidering what they thought they knew about our mighty Ocean State!

I scream, you scream, QOH is always screaming about ice cream!!! So there you are, on your way to Little Compton or Narragansett Beach and what do you pass by on the way? Without a doubt, RI has got to have the best ice cream spots imaginable. Since the beach and ice cream go so well together and practically every road here leads to the coast, we’re totally stocked with the best places to stop, take a rest, and cool off with your favorite frozen treat. These sunnies will remind you of what really matters in life and, not to mention, they’re about as quirky as a textbook Rhode Islander can get! We love these shades.

Onto: The Cobie Dress! This easy, breezy dress with pretty floral pattern is the best for your any stop on a state tour (especially because you could probably hit all the spots on your list in one day).  Beach-ready, bike-ready, and boat-ready this dress is super comfortable and soft while maintaining all the great qualities of a cute dress.  The cap sleeves and gentle scoop neck with buttons give this dress the same old school flare for which Rhody is so known and loved.

So, like any good Rhode Islander would want to know, what shoes shall you dawn with this fabulous outfit that are cute, but practical? The Zena Flats are fit for the job! These flats stay on your feet while allowing the summer breeze to reach your tootsies. The gold and brown leather weave makes them versatile for day or evening wear as well.  These flats dress you up, but you CAN take them out!

And what better to tote all your summer needs around in than the Daylyn Bag? From sunscreen, to snacks, shades to beach swag, this bag is a great warm weather companion. The cream color and varying handle straps are vital to the perfect purse. The gold hardware will bring out your Rhody necklace and highlight the flats as a perfect way to tie your outfit together.

Harking to our complex, yet straight forward state motto, we “Hope” you enjoy the warm months as much as we do and this look is sure to be your best go at the ultimate outfit for all Rhode Island has to offer and beyond!

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The Pixelated Pixie


1. The Cora Dress 2. Space Cowboy Sunnies 3. The Phoebe Shoe  4. Adelyn in Geo

It’s time to rejoice! The first day of spring is today! Celebrate with this positively perfect springtime outfit: the ADORABLE buttercup yellow Cora dress (featuring a pretty pale yellow and white pattern and white detailing) alongside the mega-babely Phoebe shoe. This shoe is so what we’ve been looking for: a retro inspired but super modern shape: a T-strap with that classic perforated detailing along the shoe and mid-height heel. The pastels come together like a creamy double scoop ice cream cone invented to satisfy your sweet tooth. And the cherry on top? It’s the Adelyn! We’re obsessed with the pixelated color blocking on this baby. It’s sharp geometry adds a little complexity to the softness of the rest of the outfit. We think it’s wise to throw in some sunnies, too, and if you’re really digging the colorful vibe why not go for a bold choice like the Space Cowboy?!

This could easily become that outfit you wear again and again, all spring and summer long — we urge you not to resist the temptation! We think this is “the one.” The spring fling your closet’s been waiting for!

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It’s a KLING Thing!


Top left to right: Andrea DressBricks Bag, Compasso Dress,

Middle left to right: Domino Clutch, Fox Shirt, Fancy Dress, Memphis Bag

Bottom left to right: Plant Jacket, Clouds Bag, Waterfall Dress

Bold patterns and pretty colors, that’s the way the KLING brand does it this season and we are pleased to show you our collection right at Queen of Hearts & Modern Love. We’ve carefully chosen these pieces based on the way they show off your figure, their soft and bold mix of color. Bringing Spring palettes and contrast to your wardrobe. Most importantly, their fun and playful patterns of foxes, clouds, bricks and dominoes are anything but ordinary.

The Andrea Dress is a sherbet dream – yum yum! Look how the skirt flares, how the collar points…the details delight the eye; the soft colors allure. And what to do with the midsection? Belt it out, honey. Well that was easy, look at how great you look. Now, pick your weapon, we mean purse. Not your average bag of bricks! The Bricks Bag is the perfect size for all of your out and about needs–not too big, not too small. Just like the house made of bricks, this bag won’t let you down!

Ever wish you had a wardrobe where every piece was unique in it’s own way, played well with everything else, and made getting dressed, then changing again to go out at night effortless and fun? We’ve mastered this FOR you! The Compasso Dress is the little black dress taken to an entirely new level, this time with the best mod cut thinkable. The wide-set collar, cap sleeves and buttons spice this dress up making it irresistible with a pair of big shades and a precious pair of heels. You really wanna go dancing now, huh? Imagining swinging around on the dance floor and not putting your purse down because last time that shady guy breathing behind you snatched up your friend’s purse in minutes. Okay, okay, sorry to scare you, but dancing with a little cute purse or clutch on your side is kind of adorable anyway. It’s like your own personal wing-man. We love this Domino Clutch–it’s the perfect size for going out because it’s wide enough to fit all of your essentials (including your phone), but won’t cramp your style on the dance floor.

Now that you’ve spent the whole night dancing you probably want to get brunch soon? Good thing you brought your Fox Shirt along. This is your #1 go to super cool blouse.  It’s the ultimate button down – it’s got a sweet lil’ heart-shaped cut out up top and fab little foxes dotted all over; skyrocket to babedom in a flash with this, you feline friend. You stayed out all night and were on your best behavior. Show-off how classy, smart, and responsible you are. We’ve got the perfect purse to wear to brunch where bricks meet composition notebook-the Memphis Bag. If you’re a little chilly with just the Fox Shirt on, throw a cute blazer over it. Oh, yeah we’ve got you covered! The Plant Jacket, makes it super easy to pair with a variety of colors and patterns.

What’s next? Looking forward to Summertime of course! It’s always nice to get a few hot summer day outfits in the mix even if you’re still staring at them hanging on your dresser. This inspiration, anticipation and preparation will receive so many complements you’ll need an extra slice of humble pie to keep that pretty little ego in check. Here’s what we have in mind: The Fancy Dress speaks for itself! Its fun and flirty, all in one. It’s just great for day and transition into night. It’s patiently waiting for you. What better way to carry your summertime memories in the Clouds Bag! While this clutch appears to have a traditional triangle and negative space pattern, taking a closer look reveals the tranquil clouds floating by. With all this fun you’re having you probably have a job, right? We hope you can have fun with that too! Here’s the Waterfall Dress. Clever, sassy, colorblocked n’ classy — if you ain’t Jackie O already, you’re about to become her. Well, there you have it our little dandelions. We know these pieces will inspire you to give yourself a little makeover and step into Spring like a KLING thing.

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Dear Sunshine, You’re Late



1. The Abril Dress 2. The Andree 3. The Garrells Dress 4. The Rayna Dress 5. The Shirley Dress

What is your ultimate spring fantasy? Let’s discuss, because daydreaming about brighter days may be our only hope to keep from frowning to death about the weather. Hey March: winter called, it wants its weather back. Seriously, it is snowing today and people on the street are walking around looking like the snowflakes are gauging them in the eyes. It ain’t pretty.  

Can you guys relate to this scenario: you’re scrolling through your instagram feed, la di da, ice, snow, bicycle, baby in a bathtub, oh cute, puppies, snow, then – out of nowhere –  you hit a photo of your friend in the Dominican Republic.GASP. She’s wearing a tank top and she’s tan and she’s eating mangos and all of a sudden your eyes start bleeding and you black out and when you snap yourself out of it you realize that in your blind rage you’ve sent her a text and all it says is: *@$^%!!!!GAH#&^%(*@!!!!%*&@%@YOU&%!B!TC#@!($6.

If you’re like me, and you’ve reached this point, or are dangerously close to doing so, it’s time to do something about it. Make a positive change in your life. Come to rage rehab at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love. It’s time to give seasonal affective disorder a big F U with one of these bright and cheery dresses. 

Is it your spring fantasy to have a leisurely breakfast out on a terrace that’s draped with Wisteria vines, meal served lovingly to you by a shirtless Ryan Gosling lookalike? If so, perhaps you’d fancy the floral Abril dress! If it’s your wish to frolic in a meadow of wildflowers making daisy chains, you’d look great doing it in our crisp white Andree dress. If your desires are darker than all that, imagine how great the Garrells dress when you take sail one balmy, moonlit evening in the not-so-distant future. If it’s a hot date you crave, look no further than the flowly, sensuous Rayna dress. You’ll be beating them off with sticks! Finally, if your dreams are about dancing the night away in leather and lace (perchance at an outdoor music fest?!) then the epic rock and roll Shirley dress with vegan leather detailing is no doubt the one for you. 

The glory days are fast approaching, darlings, and our gams are so stoked to come out of hiding! 

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