Candles and Nostalgia ~ Holiday Reflections


We here at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love are stocked all the way up on holiday goods – sweaters, fingerless gloves, stocking stuffers, Santa dog toys, retro kitchenware, and an astounding amount of candles. Truly, wildly astounding.

As our dear supervisor, Amanda had wisely pointed out earlier in the day, our sense of smell is the sense which most evokes nostalgia. As the holiday season approaches and the cold weather makes us all feel a bit more pensive and vulnerable than usual, I thought it’d be a great time to talk about some of my favorite holiday scents here at the shop, and the wholesome memories that they bring me back to.


I am first going to highlight a staple from The Soap & Paper Factory, the Roland Pine. Musky, warm, and a perfect alternative to smelling a real Christmas tree in your own home, Roland Pine is nostalgic in the most straightforward wintry manner. Taking a whiff of Roland is a lot like standing outside before the first snow of December, smelling the indescribable scent of snow, and thinking, “yes, it is that time again”. The best part: not only do we carry the 9.5 oz. candle, but we also have a packed supply of votives, a votive set, a room diffuser kit, an incense kit, and a bar of shea butter soap. Something for every pine lover in Providence!


My indoor winter mood differs from my outdoor winter mood greatly, and while Roland Pine makes me long for warm in-doorsy times, and Paddywax’s White Woods and Mint brings me to the middle of the woods on a crisp and cloudy day. It smells like the woods, with a note of minty freshness.


Paddywax’s potent and lovely Tobacco and Patchouli candle smells like my childhood Italian household in the evening, when dinner is being finished and wine is being opened. The scent of fragrant and charming potpourri fills the room, and I wonder what potpourri actually is after all. This candle is sweet, and not harsh at all, despite what having “tobacco” in its name might suggest. In fact, it is the perfect balance of sweetness and musk, with a hint of woodsiness. It is cozy, in short.

All three of these candles, and many more, are available in-store and online at! Find out which scent makes you or a loved one feel the most joyful and nostalgic, or just which one you think smells the best.

Written By: Alex Pizzuti

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Cherry Bombe: an Inspiring Woman in the Streets & the Kitchen


Truly, nothing feels better than settling down for a cozy evening at home after a long day taking the streets of Providence in glorious vintage inspired garb. Give that comfy evening of yours some zest by playing some of your favorite classic background tunes and cooking a meal using a recipe from one 100+ of the most rad and inspiring women in food, featured in The Cherry bombe Cookbook by Kerry Diamond & Claudia Wu, pictured below.


At a first glance, the designer in me was thrilled by this cookbook, because – hello, look at the cleanliness and simplicity of this lush color palette. The design remains consistent throughout, featuring carefully-constructed food photography in multiple hues of pink and pastel.

Fortunately, the badass Italian lady chef in me was just as pleased as my inner-designer upon seeing culinary trailblazers such as Nigella Lawson, Padma Lakshmi, and Karlie Kloss (I didn’t even know she cooked!) among the featured writers. There is a massive range of recipes and stories packed into 244 pages of pure loveliness.

But wait, there’s more. Let’s talk about my outfit that I was wearing in the aforementioned strut across the Downtown Providence.


We redheads (natural and artificial), should all understand the importance the perfect green article of clothing – red and green are opposites on the color wheel, meaning that they are complimentary, or, in simpler terms, make each other POP! The Clara Top from Voodoo Vixen is glorious in every way. Aside from its color, The Clara has a built-in neck tie, features a unique half sleeve, and its neckline falls in the *perfect* spot. Wearing this top, newly stocked by the folks here at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love, makes me feel like a glamorous 1960s Cherry Bombe whether I’m out on the town or getting cozy in the kitchen.

Written by: Alex Pizzuti

Photos by Karen!

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Holiday Shopping? We’ve Got You Covered!


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A Look That Is Timeless


   Fashion Queen

We think of things as predictable but with this dress it screams elegance. Wearing it made me feel like an editor of a magazine in New York. You know those ladies who walk with their head higher than their heels? Yeah those ladies, it almost felt like I was the Nubian queen.  Nobody could touch me. You hear cars, the sound of people’s footsteps (click clack click clack), and cell phone conversations about how their assistant is late with their coffee. This was only a dream not reality. Taxi! It was better than that. I felt like I was walking to a business meeting to present about self expression and how fashion makes me feel in control. Self control is power of choice and choosing to wear this wonderful vibrant green dress to express sophisticated yet a feminine touch that will look great on all women made me feel powerful. Stop Staring! You can’t take the feel of such a vintage outbreak away from me. Ladies, take it from me. I am the fashion queen.


                         All a Girl Needs in a World of Accessories

Every girl needs a clutch! This hobo clutch is handcrafted from the finest materials, Gives your outfit a unique signature. Perfect for a classy date or even a night out with the girls, pairing it with a lovely floral dress or even a pair of pants, classic button up and the Jay Heel.  You can accessorize this clutch any way you’d like weather it’s a business statement or a classy statement. Get yourself a Hobo clutch in any and every color blues, pinks, reds, silvers, there are options ladies!


Blue Jays

            Walking in a pair of shoes is one thing but walking in a pair of restricted heels is another. It’s more than just a heel it’s an astonishing piece of block to balance this art we call the Jay. Suede and a little bit of plaid in the inside to call out classic, perfect for any time of day. Stepping foot in these felt like the heat of the sun when it’s cold. Ever bought a pair of heels that is the perfect fit, no pain? Me either. This heel assures comfort; almost feels like you’re walking on cotton but just better. You won’t be able to resist this wonderful shape of a heel. The best way to strut is with the perfect heel and accessory. The little things are what mean the most.

Photos by: Annie Schisler

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The Return of 60’s MOD


Oh ladies, have we got the perfect 60’s MOD inspired ensemble for you… It mimics classiness and drifts your hard working soul onto a retro paradise island.

First, we must warn you that you’ll be causing many double takes from left to right. Why, because while you’re on your daily stroll through the ever-historic Westminster Street, all those staring will be drowning in envy. And we don’t blame them!
The length of the Paradise Dress is shameless and the print says you drink top grade pink lemonade with a gold straw.  And just when you thought this dress couldn’t be any more perfect, we must add that it also has pockets (yes, we know, it’s too perfect).

MOD perfection, pink lipstick on, and headed to Glamville. The carefully crafted 2.5” Glamville heels seal the deal and complete the look.
Comfort and beauty that will never cease to amaze—and that ladies, is a promise.

Now go ahead, conquer the world.

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Let the Sun Shine Down on Me


Oh, are we ready to feel that warm feeling from the sun shining down on us.  We are ready to rock Spring Dress like this new favorite number, Chances are Dress by Volcom. Layer it, belt it, wear it just as it is. Whatever your fancy, its just for you!  This full handkerchief cami style features a V neckline and a scoop back with adjustable straps.

When that sun shines we need to protect our eyes so might as well do it in style with the new Ryder Sunnies. All of our sunnies are $14.95/ UV400.

Rescue heels by BC footwear are one of newest and most adored arrivals. Perfect for transitioning from day to night, these off-white heels are designed with a woven strappy design and faux wood-stacked heels. Complete with an adjustable buckle strap at the ankles, these chic heels are a wardrobe must-have.


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Sun Hats and Sandals


We can’t wait for sunshine, sun hats and sandals and its just a short time away before we will be lusting after all of those things.  Our new Volcom Head Trip Hat is perfect to keep that sun off your face and prevent damaging any of your beautiful skin from those harsh rays.

The Chester Dress by BB Dakota is super sweet.  Featuring a triangle cutout at the back with button closures and a delicate floral design, this dress looks great with tights and a light jacket or worn alone with a pair of boots or heels.  Grab this one before we sell out, it’s sure to be a favorite!

Bring it all together with one of our newest arrivals, the Cali Sandal by one of our all time favorite line, Miz Mooz! The Cali Sandal is beautifully made and wonderfully versatile. Pair with jeans, shorts, a skirt, or your favorite dress.  Made in Italy and crafted with Italian Leather.  Pure comfort for all  of the days of Spring and Summer.

Come by and say hi or shop online at:


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