Raspberry Fields Forever

Here’s a cute shoe.

Raspberry Ripple by Irregular Choice, $129

Right?  Very very cute.  I thought this was an OK shoe when I saw it in black at the trade show.  I picked it up and said, “Oh, cute,” and then Karen said, “Yeah, cute,” and then we both looked at it some more and put it down and then ordered some other shoes.  Then we got the lookbook from Irregular Choice, and I saw this hungry little blond girl wearing them while she scarfed down a plate of tacos.

This particular piece of advertising struck a chord with me in a way advertising rarely does.  I am a very hungry person.  All.  The.  Time.  I can never ever get enough food in my body.  I will often be even hungrier after I eat than before.  “MORE!” my stomach shouts, “MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!!”  I will eat pretty much anything.  I often look at living animals and think they look delicious.  A smooth, round duck… A flat, juicy flounder…  If I’m at a petting zoo or aquarium, my mouth waters.  I’m also a scarfer.  A combination of growing up in a family of six and working in restaurants for fifteen years has conditioned me to eat extremely fast, rarely chewing, often standing up, to get the FOOD in my STOMACH as FAST as I POSSIBLY CAN.  I love pizza and Chinese food and goulash and sloppy joes and Thai and turkey dinners and fried chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches and tomatoes and blueberries and avocados and meatloaf and green beans and soup and chicken salad and spicy Moroccan sauces and oh LORD I love Indian food… but in the center of my stomach is a small, hungry little void that can only truly be filled by tacos.  I talk about tacos so much that friends of mine, without solicitation, often will say things like, “All you ever talk about is how much you like your boyfriend and tacos.”  I have no regrets about this.  Tacos are… a delight.  They’re a perfect food.  You can have one or you can have ten.  You can have soft or hard.  You can put anything you want to inside of them.  Are you turned on yet?  I am.  I will never.  Never.  Never ever, ever say no to a taco.  And this girl, this very hungry-looking girl, is happily munching on tacos while wearing the cutest shoes ever– with strawberries on them– and I can’t say no to her.  I want her tacos and I want her shoes.  I also kind of want her hair and her decadent lifestyle, but if I can get her shoes and her dinner I’ll be happy enough about it.  I’m special-ordering them for myself as soon as I decide whether I want the purple or black.

We won’t be ordering them by the case, but we can special order this shoe for you too.  We can special order any Irregular Choice or Poetic License shoe, as well as several other brands.  You know, like these:

Eyeconic by Poetic License, $98

Pineapple Crush by Irregular Choice, $119

Tea and Cakes by Irregular Choice, $129







These though, these we’re getting:

Abigail's Party by Irregular Choice, $139










And these we have:

Princess Sophia by Poetic License, $98

Because really when you think about it, every shoe is a good taco shoe.


About Queen of Hearts and Modern Love

We are Queen of Hearts, a fashion boutique featuring cool, covetable jewelry, amazingly adorable dresses, and uniquely perfect gifts in downtown Providence. A lot of our inventory is handcrafted by talented local designers and artists. We also have a little sister! Her name is Modern Love. She's a sleek, modern shoe store with a gorgeous selection of shoes, jewelry, and accessories. She's currently stocked with Frye, Irregular Choice, Poetic License, Nicole, Hue tights, We Love Colors hosiery, and many many more. We love to see your beautiful face in person, but if you can't make it visit our new online shop at http://www.queenofheartsandmodernlove.com!
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