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It’s bitterly disheartening to see Halloween decorations in August.  Like it’s not enough that New England already gets just three short months of summer and nine months of the kind of weather that we’d kick in the shins if we could.  Really, corporate America, you just have to use your billions of dollars to shove August foot-first down the hungry maw of October?  The poor month barely gets a chance to exist before it’s plastered with back-to-school advertisements, “End of Summer” sale proclamations, panicked cries of, “I can’t believe summer’s almost over!” and yes, Halloween decorations.

Take a step back from that mentality for a moment.  Don’t rush so eagerly into the icy, dark embrace of snow and the pudgy, buttery fist of “eating holidays”.  August is hot.  It is sunny.  It is pregnant with anticipation.  People are at their most attractive in August.  They are steeped in sunshine, with the last vestiges of holiday consumption from the previous year finally wrung out from their bodies through the cathartic sweat of summer.  They glow with retained heat, they stroll languorously down sun-baked streets, they sip cold whiskey on outdoor decks and watch fat, delicious-looking ducks smoothly paddle by like buoyant confit footballs.  People buzz through the hazy, lazy days and in the night– in the cool night– why, they throw on a light jacket.  Beautifully hot days with gorgeously cool nights.  That is August’s gift to us.  We did not earn it, yet we receive it, because August is magnanimous, generous, and kind.  It eases us into the autumn like a mother slowly lowering her infant into a bath.  It’s OK to look forward to fall a little bit when that cool breeze dances through the window and ripples across the salt residue on your skin left over from sweat and sea.  You can enjoy a chilly night when you know you can still liberally soak up UV rays the next day.  And you can enjoy it when you have a light jacket.

Corin Jacket

Part Joker, part Mask, part Brat Pack, part Betty Draper, 100% AWESOME.

Lois Jacket

This one isn’t real leather, but it is real badass.

Piping Drummer Jacket

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.  Here’s my favorite thing about this one: the sleeves come down to my knuckles. I’ve met maybe two jackets that didn’t have sleeves that were too short for my arms in my life. I am also really into the Sargent Pepper vibe and the way the color brings out the blue in my eyes.

Sally Safari Jacket

This one’s a real gem.  The sleeves roll up.  The lining is adorable.  It is sooooo soft.  And it looks just as good with a summer dress as it does with jeans.

And now I gotta go.  I need to spend the rest of the day walking over to this one and touching it all day while I look at it with naked need in my eyes.

Again. And again. And again. And again.


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