Barbie Girl



1. Casual Dress  2. Chevron Earrings  3. Colorblock Clutch  4. Dollies

If you ever played with Barbie dolls, then this is the outfit you pictured yourself wearing when you grew up. Body-skimming, flippy little dress that comes to a screeching halt mid-thigh to showcase impossibly long legs– check.  Flashy but classy eye-catching earrings– check.  Geometric clutch that slips into your stiff little hand, holding lipstick, notes, keys to your pink Ferrari, and whatever else it is that ladies carry– candies and a thick stack of $100 bills, probably– check. Vibrant, jewel-toned, metallic-accented pumps that your feet slip into from the top– check.

Admit it– after all the time you spend worrying about appearing professional, appearing interview-ready, appearing serious, appearing appropriate, and appearing boring, it’s the occasions you get dressed up to have fun that offer the most delight. It’s the brunches with your Skipper and dates with your Ken that open apertures into opportunities to dress up for the undiluted sake of frivolity without judgement. Well, as long as there are people there will be judgement. But take that pink Malibu manicure and brush that dirt off your shoulders. You have nothing to prove except for how much party you have in your heart and your outfit doesn’t have to be responsible for saying anything about you except for how fly you look on the dance floor.

Hearing judgement passed on women for their clothing choices, from men but especially from other women, is reproachful and low.  Everyone has something to say about how women should dress to convey certain standards of gravitas to avoid being cast as a slut, or stupid, or deserving of whatever harm, physical or otherwise, that may befall them. The first image of idealized feminine beauty you encountered, the first 10-inch plastic role model that was placed in your hands as a child, manufactured and marketed by the same demographic that would view a flesh and blood counterpart with hatelust and aspersion, is clad in all the feminine accouterments that get vilified for their immodesty, their impracticality, their carelessness. Take up arms with that carelessness. Think of every dude you’ve ever seen sashaying down the street with no shirt on and half his butt coming out the top of his pants, a person who is able to saunter half-naked through downtown without the slightest qualm or fear of harassment or retribution. Put on your tiny dress, your high heels, your flashy accessories, and use your most plastic posture and perfect smile to tell everyone who doesn’t smile back to go to hell. This is your world, and you will walk through it in a sack, in boots, in a catsuit, in a minidress, and however else you damn well please, and you will demand to do it fearlessly.


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One Response to Barbie Girl

  1. Cymbria Wood says:

    Wonderfully written! Love the “how much party you have in your heart.” This is a manifesto for all the girls who grew up believing that sequins would be as much a part of womanhood as periods and perfect Ken boyfriends. The periods didn’t turn out to be so glam, and the pecs on my Ken sure ain’t as perky as plastic, but damn it my sequins will never loose their ability to add luster to even the most adult of office bound days!

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