Introducing the Ghostly Collection by Warby Parker



It was only a year ago that Warby Parker announced their collaboration with the ‘endlessly inventive’ music label, Ghostly International. From this dynamic, the “The Curtis” sunglasses were born. A special edition eyewear inspired by Joy Division’s enigmatic front man. The cool and yet mysterious specs quickly sold out in just a few short days, leaving those who anticipated ownership feeling a sense of loss.

BUT, it didn’t end there!

Warby Parker recently announced the return of The Curtis in honor of Ghostly’s 15th anniversary. This time around, they will be releasing four limited edition colors:

Aubergine Fade, Bourbon Tortoise, Moss, and the classic Revolver Black.

First and foremost, let’s all give a nod to the late Ian Curtis of Joy Division.

 The Curtis collection exemplifies true originality with no fear of judgment. It embraces modern culture—music, retro fashion, and social status. It’s no wonder why the collaboration with Ghostly turned out to be a match made in heaven.

Although all the new colors are très cool, there’s something enticing about The Curtis in Moss. Maybe its my underlying obsession over the moderate color, or perhaps it’s the alluring way the model Lewis Valleau looks while modeling the frames on the downloadable wallpaper. So chill, so trendy, the Moss frames remind me of an iconic Brooklyn musician that I’d only one day strive to be.

Smooth lines and discreet angles, The Curtis transforms your personality into a clean-cut mystery. I’d want to get my hands on a pair of these bad boys to simply feel stylin’ and feel good.


1.bourbon-tortoise     2.Aubergine Fade     3.Revolver Black     4.Moss

The best part about Warby Parker sunglasses and eyeglasses is that frames start at the $95 dollars. Incredibly true, it should almost be illegal.

Not to mention, with every pair sold a pair is distributed to someone in need.

It’s advocacy for a wonderful cause. Feel good, times two.

The Curtis has everyone talking.

Times are changing, and our surrounding cultures are constantly innovating. It’s time to go out with the old and in with the new—so box up those wayfarers and slip on today’s trend. Keep people guessing which artist you are under those killer frames.

 -Denise Alvarez, Queen of Hearts – Blog Writer


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