Finding Gem-powerment: A Guide to our Jewelry


If there’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older and delved deeper into personal style exploration, it’s that accessories are the greatest things in the world, and that even the *smallest* pair of earrings can make all the difference in the look and feel of an outfit. I have also learned that nothing feels more powerful than the clanking together of chunky jewels – almost like wearing heels and sauntering about town like a fearless boss lady.

Today at our headquarters, I have assembled four accessory still-lives by category: Subtle Stunners, Large and In Charge, Victorian Flower Garden (of Jewels), and Hypnotic Handmade Hits!

Let’s begin with our Subtle Stunners, an assortment of small and medium-sized jewels in a muted palette, with hints of purple.


These can be used to accomplish basic accessory goals, such as accentuating a specific feature, or adding a pop of color or shimmer to an outfit. Many of these selections are nods to the Victorian Gothic aesthetic, and others are reminiscent of late 90’s/early 00’s styles, when chunky jewels were not given the same place on their pedestal as they were in the 80’s.

….However, for those wild gals like myself who aren’t afraid of a little 80’s ~*excess*~, a la The Golden Girls and Cyndi Lauper, here are some Large and In Charge gems for you:

Look at all of these COLORS! Spring is coming, flowers are about to bloom, and it is time to match the flowers and bright sunshine. Use these accessories as statement pieces against an all-black or solid color outfit, or better yet, add to an already colorful attire.

In fact, a passage from the uncontested self-help book for witchy women, Basic Witches, states that big/loud jewelry is often used as a talisman to make one appear more confident when they tend to be quiet in the presence of others. Being soft-spoken surely has its perks, but being loud, even just once in a blue moon, is wonderfully freeing.

Speaking of blooming flowers, have you ever wanted to grow your own Victorian flower garden (on your ears)? Look no further than these floral numbers:


…with one pair of handmade David Aubrey Cicada earrings for good measure.

David Aubrey is one of several vendors whose handmade jewelry we carry! Others include: Sarah Clover (vinyl record earrings), Wild World of AK (sweethearts), and House of Cach (bullet shell earrings/necklaces, shells).

tl;dr: There’s no reason to be afraid of accessorizing. In fact, quite the contrary. Be loud or soft with your accessories. Be excessive. Be sweet. Be a QUEEN (of Hearts).


About Queen of Hearts and Modern Love

We are Queen of Hearts, a fashion boutique featuring cool, covetable jewelry, amazingly adorable dresses, and uniquely perfect gifts in downtown Providence. A lot of our inventory is handcrafted by talented local designers and artists. We also have a little sister! Her name is Modern Love. She's a sleek, modern shoe store with a gorgeous selection of shoes, jewelry, and accessories. She's currently stocked with Frye, Irregular Choice, Poetic License, Nicole, Hue tights, We Love Colors hosiery, and many many more. We love to see your beautiful face in person, but if you can't make it visit our new online shop at!
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