A Match Made In Heaven, Featuring Hobo Wallets


Every success-driven doll on the go needs the perfect receptacle for their big bucks (and cards, and phone, and change…), and as we spoke of on The Blog last week, Hobo is an amazing provider of bags, wallets, and clutches. Their designs are also durable, stylish, and vintage-inspired, a match made in heaven perfect for the #QueenOfHeartsBabe.

Making what you wear match who you are inside is a daily journey which often takes months, years, or even a lifetime to figure out fully. For me personally, however, finding a bag that matches my personality and wardrobe effectively enough for me to want to wear every day has been an eternal struggle. “Just buy a black bag!”, they say. “It matches everything!”, they say. It does match everything physically, except, of course, my spirit. My spirit is colorful, wild, and sometimes even mismatched! In the ~*~spirit~*~ of this sentiment, and in that of counting down the days ’til our BIG 4/20 STORE-WIDE HOBO EVENT, I’ve matched four of my favorite Hobo Clutches with four of my favorite clothing items here at the store.


IMG_1923 (1)

The first is a classic red/brown autumnal combo, courtesy of Hobo and Volcom! The shop troupe is obsessed with the Frochickie highrise – they hug your curves flawlessly and flatter a solid color (as demonstrated by this lovely Lauren Wallet in Cardinal).


IMG_1924 (1)

Did you own bedsheets in this fabric back in the 1970s? Well, now’s your chance to make your wardrobe pop by wearing it in dress form! The Merriment Dress from Traffic People is positively darling, and the simple silhouette is guaranteed to flatter an array of body shapes! Pair with The Lauren Wallet in Blue Mist, a classic staple in a unique robin’s egg blue.


IMG_1927 (1)

The Fable is a brand new style from Hobo, and we adore it. Use it to hold your goods, and to brighten up the Maria Dress from The Korner, the perfect frock to wear while skipping through a field, or hitting the town.


IMG_1928 (1)

There is nothing that makes me feel better about my wardrobe than successfully pairing together colors that are opposite on the color wheel, such as this GLORIOUS red/green combo! The Lauren in Lemongrass is a featured summer look from Hobo and is available in-store, as is The Wiggle Skirt from Traffic People!

And, allow me to exaggerate as much as possible, that the aforementioned event is THIS FRIDAY, and will be excellent. Also allow me to put an extra amount of emphasis on the fact that COMPLIMENTARY SNACKS AND DRINKS will be available!

Hope to see you all there~

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ALERT: Hobo in-store Event on 4/20!

Hobo_facebook_event copy

I mean, need I say more?

I made an after-holidays sale post back in January, in which I vigorously raved about Hobo’s Sheila Crossbody in Jasper. Sheila is the bag of my dreams, but there are so many dreamy picks from Hobo, in such an array of styles, colors, and functions, that all of us are bound to find our perfect bag that will last a lifetime (literally)!

Fortunately for you, me, and all of us, Queen of Hearts is hosting an in-store Hobo event on Friday, April 20th from 3PM-6PM! The event will include an abundance of Hobo bag/wallet samples from our amazing sales rep Patty, discounts abound, tasty snacks on the house, and a giveaway of a *divine* Lauren wallet.

Hobo was founded by a single mother in Annapolis, MD with a hobby of sewing leather scraps into gorgeous bags, and it since has blossomed into a worldwide sensation. All the while, Hobo has maintained an unwavering commitment to producing products with with timelessly cool designs and flawless functionality.

On the 20th, any bag, wallet, or crossbody available in-store can be yours for 15% off of its original price! Additionally, Patty will be bringing along more than 30 new bags & wallets to take a gander at, allowing *you* to create your own custom Hobo pick! Place an order and receive 10% off your prepay custom order!

The topper on this already delicious Hobo sundae is a GIVEAWAY of a Lauren Wallet ($128 value), one of the brand’s staples! The winner will be chosen and announced at 6PM.

This will be wonderful. There will also be free snacks. One lucky person will win a free wallet. Patty & the Queen of Hearts crew will be here to guide you toward your dream bag destiny!

Come one and come all, and RSVP on Facebook here!

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 4.37.51 PM


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Prints for Spring! (That Aren’t Florals)

…Not to knock florals, of course. I love florals just as much as the springtime shopper, crawling out from the depths of their wintertime cave. In fact, I disagree highly with Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada when she utters this world-famous piece of cinematic sarcasm:


Florals are groundbreaking all the time. Also, there are so many floral prints in the world – it is damn near impossible to run out of interesting possibilities. For instance, those featured on The Love Bug Dress seem to nod to Elizabeth Taylor, Donna Summer, and the Bedroom Decor from The Golden Girls (this is a compliment) all at once. The Java Skirt references botanical diagrams.

Despite the fact that we love florals, however, today I am going to highlight some non-florals, which are less abundant in springtime fashion, but fruitful here at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love!

Speaking of fruit and fruitfulness, let’s talk about food fabrics, including this darling blouse from PepaLoves, which showcases actual drawn fruit! The Denim Fruits Shirt has the ability to make wearing denim-on-denim look fresher than ever. Its structured silhouette would also look darling in contrast with a flowing solid color maxi skirt.


Compliment your fruit shirt with some leafy green sandals – The Switch Over Sandals are a great way to wear your favorite plant!



Polka Dots are a classic for any season, especially when referencing vintage fashions. Were you never able to have the extravagant sweet sixteenth birthday party of your dreams when you were younger? Have you always wanted to emulate The Original 1950s Barbie Doll, but were never offered the resources? Your wildest dreams can be fulfilled in The Hannah Dress from Voodoo Vixen, available in-store!



Polka dots are a crowd favorite – an international sensation of a print. In Providence, however, we like to get a little bit more freaky with our iconography. Our cryptids, creatures, monsters, and freaks are cherished deeply by our community, as demonstrated in The Cryptid Legging from local funky/freaky designer Pretty Snake! Monsters featured in this print include Sasquatch, Loch Ness Monster, Abominable Snowman, Thunder Bird, Bat Boy, all illustrated by Julian Farmar-Bowers!



Wearable illustrations are a blast, and so are wearable paintings! The Brush Strokes Dress is strikingly reminiscent of a used paint palette with gorgeous primary/secondary colors and an 80s casual silhouette. Eat your heart out, Jem and the Holograms!


All of these lovely printed looks are available in-store at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love! Linked looks, and more, are available online at our website! Knock yourselves out, #queenofheartsbabe <3. No matter what your chosen print, you *are* groundbreaking!

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Channeling Femme Fashion Icons of the Yesteryear (using exclusively Queen of Hearts clothing)

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to honor our femme friends, loved ones, mentors, and trailblazers!

Generally speaking, I try my best to pay homage to inspirational women every day, in every way. I carry this out in ways including but not limited to: passing along words of advice from my wise Italian Grandmother, getting the word out on other local woman-run businesses/femme musicians & artists, belting out my favorite Kate Bush song at karaoke, and proudly displaying my Golden Girls bobbleheads front-and-center on my mantle.

This year, however, I decided to do something that I never have before – construct a series of looks inspired by my favorite fashion queens of the past! All of the following articles of clothing are available in-store at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love, and some (linked) are also available online!

ICON #1: Donna Summer

(Featuring The Love Bug Dress)


One of the premier Disco Babies of the world. Queen of the jukebox, the dance floor, and my heart.


ICON #2: Marlene Dietrich

(Featuring The Oversize Blazer & The Barrel Snap Cap)

Show-stopping, business-minded, earth-shatteringly dramatic, and unapologetically bisexual – Marlene Dietrich was more emblematic of strength than any other 1930s starlet.


ICON #3: Barbarella

(Featuring Repeat Bodysuit & The Cryptids Legging)

Jane Fonda’s fictional onscreen portrayal of Barbarella is bound to make everyone want to take over the galaxy with good looks.


ICON #4: Grace Jones

(Featuring the Take Me Out Jumpsuit)

Grace Jones is a true renaissance woman – artist, musician, record producer, movie star, supermodel, etc. etc. The list never ends. She truly can do it all.


ICON #5: Mama Cass (with a tinge of Elizabeth Taylor?!)

(Dress Available in-store)

Mama Cass has the voice of an angel, and wears some of the boldest and most beautiful florals I ever have seen (this dress is a bit of a stretch from Mama’s large-and-in-charge caftans silhouette-wise, but the pattern is SPOT ON.)


Fab Femme Friends, have a happy day, continue being beautiful, and never apologize for being YOU!

<3 Alex

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Queen of Hearts Products to Try According to Your Zodiac Sign


News flash, we here at #queenofheartsandmodernlove love astrology, and bring up each other’s horoscopes at least twice per shift – sometimes more if Mercury is in retrograde. I, personally, have found that the zodiac is an excellent means of understanding and analyzing our relationships with ourselves and those around us. Horoscopes enable one to take what works for them and leave what doesn’t. The alignment of the stars and planets allow us an out from having to put up with our life problems – we can simply blame it on the full moon!

Another way to distract one’s self from their woes is to, of course, shop, which is where we come in! Today, I, your personal shopper/amateur astrologer, am going to help you determine which of our products is bound to make you shine even brighter than the full moon! Without further ado, let’s begin with the firey, zesty, and smokin’ hot first sign of the Zodiac:


Sugar Bob’s Smoked Maple Sriracha


Aries have hearts of roaring fire, and are always determined to take things to the next level – what better way is there to do this than with a little bit of all natural, handmade sriracha?! Karen, our owner and resident Aries, is known to drink this stuff straight from the bottle.



14 oz. Rosewater & Coconut Candle


Taureans are often referred to as the “sensual hermits” of the Zodiac. Candles are sensual, and used mostly in the home, a Taurean’s natural habitat. In a fresh and romantic rosewater scent, a bull is bound to fall in love with this aroma.


Sixty Two Sunnies


The Gemini, known for being friendly, flirtatious, and two-faced aHEM I mean ~*~dualistic~*~, deserves an accessory that reflects who they are inside. These glamorous sunnies will enable the Gemini to develop a disguise, in case they want to change their persona. With these statement sunnies, one can go from totally drab to 1980’s International Super Spy in a snap. Stop ’em in their tracks, Gems!


Chunky Open Knit Cardigan in Blue


Cancerians deserve a sweater that’s bigger and softer than their hearts and as much like water as their souls. This big and bold cardigan is just that and more.




Take Me Out Jumpsuit

Leos love being Leos (I am no exception). We are unabashed lovers of ourselves and others, and enjoy sharing our energy and style with the world. This statement piece from Free People is the perfect vehicle to carry this out, and it is 100% guaranteed to dazzle everyone within a 30-foot radius.



Golden Measuring Spoons


These spoons are as gorgeous, golden, and perfectionistic as you, my sweet Virgos!



Good Vibes Oil

View More: http://joelallegretto.pass.us/moon-rivers-naturals

For when you need a second to relax when you’re in the middle of making a decision, because we all know how difficult that is for Librans.



El Diablito Tin Ornament


Don’t we all dream of owning the perfect self portrait?





Sagittarians long for abundant adventure, and deserve nothing less than the perfect adventure accessory: our uncontested OneLogFire. This log can be taken anywhere, and its fire burns at full force for a full two hours! Never let your inner-fire dim, dear Sag friends.



The Lauren Wallet in Espresso


Capricorns are the most success-driven sign in the zodiac, and need a state-of-the-art receptacle for their big bucks. The Lauren Wallet is not only gorgeous inside and out (like you), but can hold your smartphone, cash, cards, receipts, IDs, and coins.



27oz Retap Bottle


With this gorgeous glass 27-oz water bottle, all Aquarians can be water bearers in their own home *or* on-the-go! Fill with cold water to stay hydrated throughout the day, or a hot drink to warm your icy heart.



Rose and Honey Aphrodisiac Lollipop


Pisces, known to commit such acts as falling in love with strangers on buses and weeping at the sight of PDA, need to feed their insatiable desire for love. This rose-infused Pandora’s Pop boosts one’s libido while invoking romantic feelings, giving a shy Piscean the edge they need to find their eternal flame.


BTDUBS: All of the zodiac nameplate necklaces in the header of this post are available in-store.

Readers, may your day be positively enchanting no matter what your sign! <3

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Finding Gem-powerment: A Guide to our Jewelry


If there’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older and delved deeper into personal style exploration, it’s that accessories are the greatest things in the world, and that even the *smallest* pair of earrings can make all the difference in the look and feel of an outfit. I have also learned that nothing feels more powerful than the clanking together of chunky jewels – almost like wearing heels and sauntering about town like a fearless boss lady.

Today at our headquarters, I have assembled four accessory still-lives by category: Subtle Stunners, Large and In Charge, Victorian Flower Garden (of Jewels), and Hypnotic Handmade Hits!

Let’s begin with our Subtle Stunners, an assortment of small and medium-sized jewels in a muted palette, with hints of purple.


These can be used to accomplish basic accessory goals, such as accentuating a specific feature, or adding a pop of color or shimmer to an outfit. Many of these selections are nods to the Victorian Gothic aesthetic, and others are reminiscent of late 90’s/early 00’s styles, when chunky jewels were not given the same place on their pedestal as they were in the 80’s.

….However, for those wild gals like myself who aren’t afraid of a little 80’s ~*excess*~, a la The Golden Girls and Cyndi Lauper, here are some Large and In Charge gems for you:

Look at all of these COLORS! Spring is coming, flowers are about to bloom, and it is time to match the flowers and bright sunshine. Use these accessories as statement pieces against an all-black or solid color outfit, or better yet, add to an already colorful attire.

In fact, a passage from the uncontested self-help book for witchy women, Basic Witches, states that big/loud jewelry is often used as a talisman to make one appear more confident when they tend to be quiet in the presence of others. Being soft-spoken surely has its perks, but being loud, even just once in a blue moon, is wonderfully freeing.

Speaking of blooming flowers, have you ever wanted to grow your own Victorian flower garden (on your ears)? Look no further than these floral numbers:


…with one pair of handmade David Aubrey Cicada earrings for good measure.

David Aubrey is one of several vendors whose handmade jewelry we carry! Others include: Sarah Clover (vinyl record earrings), Wild World of AK (sweethearts), and House of Cach (bullet shell earrings/necklaces, shells).

tl;dr: There’s no reason to be afraid of accessorizing. In fact, quite the contrary. Be loud or soft with your accessories. Be excessive. Be sweet. Be a QUEEN (of Hearts).

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Self Care for #queenofheartsbabes

Photo Shape Editor: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/shape-tool

That’s right, babes. It’s time for some You Time. Some self-loving. An aromatic bath. A gigantic ice cream sundae with mountains of hot fudge. A solo dance party. A break. It is time for you and I to put aside the woes/stressors/drabness of day-to-day life and take care of ourselves!

Let’s start with a bath – the perfect place to start. Not just a regular bath either – one with aromatic scrubs, locally-made soaps, and BATH BOMBS! A hot bath is a form of heat therapy, which relaxes the muscles in your body, relieving the physical and emotional stress that we accumulate throughout the day.

Throw in one of our bath bombs to start (they come in various scents, including rose, raspberry, and French pear!). Watch it work its fizzy magic. Hop into the tub and let those scented essential oils and soothing coconut oil set in. Throw in some locally made soap and give yourself a DIY facial with Moon Rivers yummy Peppermint Lavender scrub. This may seem like a lot, but hey, you deserve it!

Once you’ve pampered yourself to the point where your skin is exactly twice as soft as a baby’s, it’s time for you to…pamper yourself some more, mentally and spiritually, with the coolest self-help book in the land: Basic Witches: How to Summon Success, Banish Drama, and Raise Hell with Your Coven, by Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman.

“Basic Witches” is not just for those who practice Magic, but it offers a deep overview of self-love and care through a historically magical lens. In short, it is for any glamorous and confident femme in training, offering advice on everyday obstacles included but not limited to toxic relationships, energy loss, a lack of creative inspiration. Also, the illustrations are INCREDIBLE! If nothing else, pick up this book for the illustrations.

Be sure to strategically surround yourself with candles and crystals while you read, to ward off all possible bad juju and welcome radical positivity into your life. (Note: Agate that forms the shape of Cookie Monster’s face ((see below)) is not absolutely necessary, but preferred).

In conclusion, I, Alex, Queen of Hearts blogger/self-help consultant, urge you to use this coming Valentines Day as an opportunity to show love to the most important person in your life, YOU. All products listed are available here at Queen of Hearts and Modern Love, and linked products are also available online!

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