The Holy Grail of Soaps: Icelandic Moss

Slide View: 1: Kalastyle Icelandic Moss Soap

I was beyond enlightened the day I started using this soap. The smell alone is enough to hypnotize you. The moss harvested for this soap grows on lava slopes and mountainous regions throughout geothermal Iceland. Moss is highly known to soothe and protect the skin. One thing that is not highlighted, but should be are the moisturizing properties within this soap. My skin feels so soft and supple while showering and it can even be used as a shaving agent leaving my legs extra soft after a fresh shave. It also saves me the stress of having to wear lotion in Providence, where it’s very humid.

A little incite on the company that makes this and other awesome soaps.

Husband-and-wife duo Kate and Lance Smith started Kalastyle over twenty years ago in a New England farmhouse. The brand has grown, but this family business remains true to its roots: a modern aesthetic, eco-awareness and simple, high- quality products. Their organic soaps use only natural ingredients to exfoliate, deep-clean and hydrate your skin.

Along with the three pictured below, Kalastyle Soaps have a special array of beautifully scented soaps and they are all worth trying.  For they smell great and make me feel great!

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Virgo Season has Arrived!

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Today we’re giving a special shout out and happy birthday to all our fellow Virgo’s!


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The Beauty and Functionality of Saltillo Blankets


The Saltillo blanket is long known for being a multi-purpose blanket. These  blankets are named for the capital city of the Mexican state of Coahuila. I almost wonder if it should still be considered a blanket? I personally would just call it a Saltillo. I say this because often times it serves more purpose.Vintage Mexican Saltillo Blanket - Image 5 of 5

The Saltillo is a great item to have for the household, it can be used as a mat for sleeping and/or lounging. It makes a good room divider when hung in a doorway. What’s also great is the beautiful design of it makes them great decorative pieces to have around the house! They can be hung in the window as decoration and are thick enough to block out the sun! It makes for a unique table runner for aesthetic reasons too! Of course, they can be worn and draped around the shoulders for extra warmth and/or protection from the elements. Don’t forget about those outdoor adventures as well! Back in history Saltillo’s were used as saddles and extra protection for horses.

What will be the use for your Saltillo blanket?

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New Arrivals: Fall Must Haves (Part 2)

Related image

Please don’t let this fall themed photo scare you, it is just a heads up that the fall is slowly arriving, plus it’s nice to look at. So, why not take this time to plan out your wardrobe for this upcoming season?! To piggyback off the last post, I mentioned that we have some awesome new arrivals in-store and online. Now, I am here today to show off these new must haves!

Volcom Yeah Honey Dress

This dress is my absolute favorite! Volcom’s Yeah Honey is a piece you can casually rock  with some cool sneakers, edge it up with your baddest pair of boots, or make it cute with a simple pair of knee highs and or/heels. It’s the perfect fall piece when you really want to make a statement!

Brixton Corey Fedora in Black

Brixton’s Corey Fedora is a timeless hat that anyone can wear. Something about the floral design on it that adds grace and a cool eccentricity to the individual that’s wearing it.

O'Neill Clemente Denim Jacket  O'Neill Clemente Denim Jacket










A feminine twist on the classic sherpa trucker jacket by O’Neil slimmed down and simplified to fit and flow with your body. Where can you go wrong?!

FRNCH Lidia Cardigan

The FRNCH Lidia Cardigan is a fun piece that can be worn in many different styles. It is this seasons’ must-have color and whatever your style may be, you are still bound to look damn good while rocking this sweater!

P. F. Candle Co. Mini Soy Candle - Golden CoastP. F. Candle Co. Mini Soy Candle - Sweet GrapefruitP. F. Candle Co. Mini Soy Candle - Cannabis

Our store has an array of candles that smell amazing and take your senses on a wild ride!   What’s so cool about these P.F. Candle Co. candles however, is that they come handmade in these neat amber mason jars. The color alone while burning will add a more relaxed ambiance to your space and once done they can be reused for your own purposes! They come in a conventional size of 3.5 oz. We carry them in 3 marvelous scents: Golden CoastSweet GrapefruitCannabis

Orla Kiely 70s Oval Flower Roaster Pan

Orla Kiely 70's Oval Flower Enamel Medium Casserole Pot

Orla Kiely is already known to have the some of the cutest and most retro designs when it comes to kitchenware. during the colder months we’re more bound to hang indoors, even amongst our friends and colleagues. This enamelware will help jazz up your kitchen and add a more retro vibe to your meal. A great look for pot lucks and Friendsgiving dinners.

Time to start planning! Go shop now!

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New Arrivals Fall 2018: Part 1

Image result for new arrivals images

As we get closer to the end of the summer solstice, in comes fashion for the Fall 2018 season! It’s a little hard to think about cooler weather coming, but just think of all the pluses that come with cooler forecasts. Layers are so fun to play around with and you don’t have to worry about certain items sitting in your wardrobe untouched, you can mix summer clothes with the fall clothes! We already got in some awesome threads to get you thinking about what your style is going to be this fall! Stay on the look out for what we have coming in-store and online!

Check out our new arrivals here!

Also peep our website, it’s been revamped and it looks amazing!

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Summer Libations

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When the sun is hot and your mouth is in need of hydration, there is nothing like a nice cold refreshing drink! One of the great wonders about beverages is that there are so many different kinds of signature drinks to make, the possibilities are literally endless.

A couple of the best summer drinks to jazz up are but of course, Iced Tea and Lemonade. These make great base drinks because of the variety of fruit and flavors that can be blended for a  delicious and nutritious beverage whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Summer harvest provides some of the best selection of produce compared to the rest of the year, so why not take advantage of this fantastic time?! Plus, it is a great way to pass time when you’re stuck in the house keeping cool during those extra hot days out!

Modern Love Kitchen has a few items that can help you on your beverage making journey!

For starters, our Cocktail Multi Tool Kit is great for any and every drink endeavor! This five piece set comes equipped with a peeler, muddler, bottle opener, serrated knife, and zester channel knife. All the tools you need to release your inner mixologist!

Image result for Roost polished brass cocktail shakerThis Polished Brass Shaker is so sleek and sexy. How can you not be drawn to that polished brass?! You will look like a legit mixologist shaking up drinks with this bad boy.

Related image

Corkcicle Canteen is great for days filled with outdoor adventures! These canteens come in an array of awesome colors, but the best part about it is how long they keeps drinks chilled. The 25oz canteen can hold drinks for up to 25 hours! How insane is that?!

Gotta love a cold brisk beverage for those hot summer days.

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What Your Purse Should Not be Without: For that Lady On the Go

Whether you are a working woman who is career driven or a free spirit who loves to roam and reflect on her travels, we are still all women and our travel gear is always supplied with the essentials that set us apart and keep us going forward! I was able to pick out a few personal favorites that  can be in my bag everyday and would never have to take out. In fact, I would miss terribly if it were not there..

Our Constellations Hardcover Journal has such a unique, slick design. This journal keeps my thoughts and plans organized and it is so fun to write in! Whether you’re exploring the great frontier or an idea for your next big project these notebooks are all you need.

What a dream Swedish Dream Hand Creme has become for my hands! The smell alone is so refreshing and revitalizing, it almost feels like it wakes my senses. This all natural product is packed with essential oils, that protect your hands from the outdoor elements and keeps them silky smooth!

Mission Grove makes some amazing fragrances. This one particularly stuck with me. The fragrance is bold but soft. For example, you can definitely smell me walking into a room and would only think, “What on earth is that lovely smell that just graced me?!”Crafted in small batches, Mission Grove Rollerball Perfume Oils stimulate your mind, body and spirit. Great for personal fragrance and for maximum benefits use the rollerballs on temples and pressure points such as your crown chakra, bottoms of your feet and solar plexus. Perfect for On-The-Go!

These cosmetics right here! Not only do they work amazingly, they are so long lasting. Whether you just need a lipstick, lipgloss, or an eye shadow Modern Love Cosmetics are great when you need a quick touch up. Need to take a selfie? Touch-up with any of these products and your inner diva will come right out!

What I love most is these products help me be, simply be!

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