Happy First Day of Summer!!!🌞

To celebrate the First Day of Summer and I thought that I might give you a quick rundown of some of my favorite products in the shop!


I love Barr-Co. Mini Hand Cream – Reserve so much! The shea butter, oatmeal and other botanical fragrances pair beautifully with the more masculine nicotiana, patchouli, cedar and oak oils. The resulting fragrance is earthy and deep with notes of men’s cologne ( which I adore!), making it a great choice for men or women. You only need a little dollop of lotion which sinks right in, so the small tube goes a long way! This lotion is such a treat for my hands, and travels with me wherever I go! I also just discovered that Barr Co contains no petroleum bases or parabens and is cruelty free!retap

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I bought one of our Retap Bottle – 27 oz.  bottle, and I’m thrilled to say that I love it! The bottle is beautifully designed and sturdy, but not heavy when filled with water. I really like that the glass bottle stays cold as it travels with me throughout the day! I also love that the shape of the bottle is reminiscent of a drop of water, which acts as the perfect subtle reminder for me to stay hydrated. moss_1080x

I am also completely enamored with Kala Style Icelandic Moss Soap which has the most heavenly scent of warm sage, soft wood, earthy green moss, with just a hint of fresh lemon, and comes packaged in a beautiful vibrant box!  Hallo Sapa™ Moss Soap is formulated with wild, hand-harvested Icelandic Moss- which has been used since ancient times to help soothe and protect the skin, antioxidant-rich sage essential oil, along with Key Ingredients: Sustainable palm and coconut oils, sage leaf and green moss essence, Icelandic Moss, star anise and guaiac wood essential oils. KALA takes pride in producing their range of soaps, candles designs and  packaging in-house. Their dedication to the exploration of using natural elements (from both land and sea) to formulate high-quality products that nurture the skin and senses has never been stronger, and makes them a strong customer favorite and completely deserving of the cult following they’ve earned!

I hope you have a wonderful Summer filled with adventures and exploring!


Your friends at Queen of Hearts & Modern Love


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T-shirt dress yesss!!👚

I knew that Z Supply was a go to brand for effortlessly cool styles, but I recently tried on one of their new! T- Shirt dresses we got in the shop last week. I was so impressed with how it flattered my curves, and wanted to share my discovery with you savvy readers!

Here is our Z Supply Paige T-Shirt Dress in Sugar Coral on a beautiful model and a beautiful customer! The V neck compliments so many body types!

Here is the Z Supply T Shirt dress in black so you can see how it subtly flatters curves!

Our Z Supply Valentina Tee Dress in Crystal Pink/Pastel Yellow is a classic shirt dress, perfect for any Spring Summer day! I love the fun, flattering color pop stripes, and the hi-lo hem to drive the relaxed fit home!

Shop these easy breezy dresses in our shop or online!

Best warm weather wishes!

Your friends at Queen of Hearts & Modern Love



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Trip, trek, travel!

Whatever you’re planning for the warm months ahead, we have some suggestions or you!

The right tool for the job-

Keep your essentials organized-

Herschel green

Our new! Herschel Supply Co. Fourteen Hip Pack in Cypress is a cool take on the 80’s ‘fanny packs’ of the past. It’s designed to keep your essentials organized, and you can wear it around your waist or over your shoulder – which is a style we’ve been really digging lately!

Stay hydrated


If you’re anything like me you know you need to drink 8! glasses of water a day, and welcome any tool that will help make that appealing and flavorful! I have heard such great feedback on the Retap Bottle from my co-workers about how it fits in your bag, travels great without leaking, is easy to clean etc. I just purchased a Retap for myself and I’m excited to experiment with adding flavors! What a beautiful subtle reminder to stay hydrated!

Have a safe place for your important papers

Standard journal

I have been coveting our Designworks Ink Hardcover Fabric Spine Notebook-Dusty Pink, waiting for my lame notebook to run out already! The Designworks journals are a perfect multitasking daily planner-journal, and their elastic band closure is so helpful keeping mementos, business cards, receipts, tickets etc. safe in one place.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 4.43.28 PM

Our Field Notes Mile Marker Edition set is the perfect tool to chart your dream trip, make note of daily aspirations, and road wisdom along the way. The notebooks are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse!

Don’t forget to protect your eyes- 


Our Mass Sunnies-Gold/Blue/Pink is one of my current faves in our expertly curated, epic and ever changing collection of sunnies. Our sunglasses are so fun, chic and the perfect tool to help keep your eyes safe and protected with their UV400 protection.

Stop by Queen of Hearts in the heart of Downtown Providence or shop our online shop to see these gems for yourself!


Your friends at Queen of Hearts & Modern Love


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Festival season is upon us!

Hello friends! Festival season is upon us and we have some perfect items in the shop to help you navigate these super fun days!

Our RVCA Landed dress is a perfect lightweight cotton chic easy option in the sweetest yellow!

RVCA landed dress

The trend of wearing a bralette as a top is right at home at an outdoor festival. Our  FreePeople Adella Bralette  is one of our favorite styles that to make you feel like a bohemian queen and dance the night away!

Adella braletteOur FreePeople Marissa Bodysuit is a dynamic fun color statement while simultaneously making you easy to spot in the crowd! Marissa pairs beautifully with our Volcom Vol Stone Shorts. Both pieces travel well too!



Another wonderful option for clothing that travels well is our Z Supply Maxi Dress in Blackvictoria_maxi_black_3_900x

Z Supply has classic cuts, comfortable, updated styles in fabric that drapes beautifully. They’re a constant favorite for our customer’s season after season!

If you’re preparing for an outdoor concert our Bloomingville Cotton Woven Throw does great double duty as a lightweight blanket and shawl to throw over your shoulders on chilly Summer evenings.


We have so much more to share on festival and travel, so until next time!

Have fun out there and be kind!


Your friends at Queen of Hearts& Modern Love

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“Just be yourself, but better.” 🌞

I was watching tv last night and I heard something that stuck with me, It was advice that Meryl Streep passed to Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd when Billie was looking for advice on entering acting in Hollywood- “just be yourself, but better!”.

Streep’s advice is perfect for navigating the endlessly bizarre world of Hollywood, and is in sync with one of her other universally relevant quotes-

“The formula of happiness and success is just being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can.” Meryl Streep

The right piece of clothing or jewelry in the perfect fit-pattern-color can make you feel stronger, sexier, more powerful. Like yourself, but better!

Here are a few of my favorite statement pieces in the shop at the moment!


Our new! Z Supply Leopard Muscle Tank is the perfect choice to bring out your feline power!

We also just received an assortment of gorgeous statement Larissa Loden jewels which are handcrafted in Minneapolis by a team of artisans, mothers, students, and creative individuals!

larissa loden eclipse earrings

I’m obsessed with these Larissa Loden Eclipse Earrings in Silver. Lightweight, beautifully crafted statement earrings for mystical you!


We also just got in this killer comfy Z Supply Paige T-Shirt Dress in Sugar Coral which is perfect for staying cool, comfy and vividly colorful in the heat and unpredictable Spring-Summer weather.

Yay Spring and being the best sunny you!


Your friends at Queen of Hearts +Modern Love


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The perfect Spring dress,Wanderlust and bringing your own fire!🔥

It’s May and finally time to reorganize your closet so your Spring wardrobe is front and center!

Traffic People Mykonos dress

How sweet it would be to do a little KonMari Marie Kondo and purge all the drab-ill fitting items  that bum you out, and treat yourself to an easy, breezy, carefree dress like our Traffic People Mykonos Stripe Cotton Wrap Dress in Multi Stripe that’s perfect for a Summer wedding, graduation, picnic, going out for dinner, and if you’re feeling extra chic it also makes a beautiful beach cover-up! There’s nothing better than a dress that does quintuple work for your busy life!

Fjall raven FP backpack

Spring is also the perfect time to reconnect with nature and take a road trip to satisfy your wanderlust. Our Fjällräven Kånken backpacks are the cutest durable staple, perfect to fit all your essentials for a short trip, a Summer festival, a hike or your every day commute.one log fire

If you want to be the “hottest” and most thoughtful guest-date-friend our One Log Fire is where its at! Its a self contained fire starter that burns for two hours with a crisp red pine scent. Set it in the beach sand, lakeside or in the grass for an impromptu easy fire, perfect for a get together with friends!

We’re so happy the rain has finally stopped. Come in and try your favorite brands, and discover some new ones!


Your friends at Queen of Hearts

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Sun Please…

The trees and flowers are blooming regardless of the wet weather that Providence has been experiencing lately. Here on Westminster Street, there are so many places to see and experience regardless of the overcast skies! Did you see the Providence Journal article this morning online? There is a great shot of what Queen of Hearts & Modern Love looked like in the roaring 20’s! Just like the seasons, Downcity Providence is an ever-changing landscape of businesses, buildings, and public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 11.02.20 AM

With everything that is newly created, there is some component from the past. With the upcoming Indowncity Rock Garden Party almost here, we have filled Modern Love with everything you will need to enjoy Summer to the fullest! These items are greatly influenced by nostalgic items of the past but made with the highest quality that modern technologies afford.

Did you watch Marvelous Mrs. Maisel this last season when she went to the Catskills? Well if you loved those Upstate N.Y. scenes as much as I did, you will appreciate these new chairs by Lawn Chair U.S.A. These beautifully made chairs are vintage inspired but made with new style webbing that will not sag or mold. The light aluminum frames make them easy to carry to your destination with one hand so you have your other free to carry a cocktail! 🤣


2 -in-1 is always a great thing for when space is limited in the city. If you are like me and have no closet space to spare at home, multi-functioning items are a must have! Get your charcoal and beers ready because this is the perfect, little grill that is housed in a cooler bag! I know what you are thinking… How is there space for everything in such a small bag? The top unzips to unveil a fully lined cooler. Unzip the second zipper to reveal a small charcoal grill that folds up for easy carry and storage. The best part about this 2-in-1 piece is that there is a carrying strap for easy transport. This would be awesome for the beach, park, or on your boat!

cutting board

Get your cheeseboard on with this new acacia wood serving board. This board with it’s interesting shape and thumb hole, makes it a must have item for parties. Whether you are serving chips and dip, charcuterie, or use this to hold pinch bowls for spices, this board is great! I love taking one of my long boards and resting it over two of my range burners. It dresses up my boring apt. range and is functional to hold prep bowls while cooking!

If only Little Red Riding Hood had this collapsable tote to go to Grandmother’s house… These totes just arrived at Modern Love and we are loving them. Choose your color of choice and load this cooler with everything you need from the grocers or farmers market. Easy to carry, functional, and light! What more could you ask for?



Stop in and check out everything that is new at Queen of Hearts & Modern Love! Or shop our online store at shopqueenofhearts.com We offer 2 Day, USPS priority shipping. 💕




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